SB Furniture launches brand-new collections from Thailand

No one really knows what the letters represent in SB Furniture, but there are lots of guesses, all which reference the visual of the furniture company. There’s Simply Beautiful, Spaces of Beauty and Style on a Budget and all of them hold true.In a market saturated with both very pricey designer furniture from Italy and low-cost ones that lack quality, SB Furniture falls someplace in the middle. You can see a few of their pieces in the bedrooms of Ascott at The Fort.

Matthew Festing, Grand Master of the Knights of Malta

The private residence of the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta is set down high above the Ligurian Sea on a rocky promontory near Rapallo and within view of the mouth of Portofino harbor.A Maltese Cross flies from the battlements of Villa Pagana, or Villa Malta, as the residents have actually called it since the 1950s, when the Spinolas, a family of baronial merchants, entrusted it to the world’s oldest surviving chivalric order.

Late-Furniture Designer Pierre Paulin's Masterpieces Survive on in His Previous Mountainside Home

French furniture designer Pierre Paulin pulled back to the country house he constructed high in the Cevennes mountains of southern France. From this windy perch, on a clear day, you can just make out the faint sparkle of the Mediterranean 45 miles away, however none of its beachy warmth reaches here. This is some of France s hardest country rock, absolutely nothing however rocks and razor-sharp shale is how the 19th-century historian Jules Michelet identified it.